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The Social Network was an engrossing film. I actually enjoyed it. I had no idea how Facebook was created and this story was ingenious and horrifying at the same time. Mark Zuckerberg absolutely took the idea of the Harvard Facebook from the twins, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, and expanded on it to make it his own. He had the upper hand intellectually and he took full advantage of that. He knew his own abilities and that made him unstoppable. His narcissism made him powerful and also caused him to lose his only true friend – Eduardo.

The films central dramatic irony – that the greatest tool for communication in this modern age was created by someone who has no idea how to relate to other people was what I found interesting. Even at the very end of the film, after achieving much success, Mark Zuckerberg sat alone in front of a laptop with no one around to call a friend. This really gives a harsh foreshadowing of what is to become of the world at the rate we are going with technology. Things as simple as hanging out with friends and exchanging phone numbers are becoming obsolete. As we saw in the scene where Eduardo attempted to get the girls phone number, instead of giving it to him she replied, “Facebook me…” that was just one example of what we are becoming.  In a world where people find it easier to text than to talk and bookstores are going out of business because of the technological advances of the Kindle, Nook and Ipad. How can we expect our future generations to have any social skills whatsoever in a few years? It is almost scary how quickly technology is advancing. Like Facebook, technology and mechanization has gone viral and no one has the ability, at this point to tame it.

~ by Kenisha on February 20, 2012.

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