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Initially reading Neuromancer seemed a chore to me. It was filled with scientific jargon that seemed impossible to interpret unless you are a scientific genius. After plowing through the language of the first few chapters, I found myself totally engrossed in the plot behind the language. I soon realized that it was not such a horrible book after all. Once you get past the language it was clear that there is a theme of love, betrayal and greed – all relatable themes.

The main character Case, was so down and out with his life it was depressing. To read about all he had endure by his former employers and see how he was now being manipulated by Armitage, who we soon found out was working for Wintermute, was sad. He was a man who was just down on his luck. He was the underdog and I silently rooted for him to make it.

In this bleak and unhappy world, Chiba City, I was very grateful to the author for ending the story on a happier note. Case found love, which was what he ha always wanted. He had been given the ability to hack into cyber space again and he no longer had to worry about the toxins that were plced in his pancreas. The novel would not have the same effect if things ended tragically. Readers want a happy ending. People always subconsciously hope for things to end well and in novels it is no different. 

Overall, I gained a great appreciation for this book that I did not expect. Science fiction has never been my genre of choice but this novel was exceptional.

~ by Kenisha on March 12, 2012.

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