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Sleep Dealer

In this rendition of what the world has come to, or can come to, science is used to explore some complex and contemporary issues. Colonization, terrorism, labor inequality and the obsession people now have with reality television were all concerns that are addressed in this film.

In the film, which takes place in Mexico, we are introduced to a Mexican family who is struggling to make ends meet due to the building of a dam that cut their water supply. They are farmers, without the water from the river they now have no way to properly feed their ‘milpa’. After the dam was built, families were forced to buy water. Could this be a foreshadowing of a future water scarcity? Viewers are left to wonder after watching this heart wrenching film.

The topic of labor is one that is at the core of this film. These third world countries were hiring people to work in US factories all day and all night. They worked until they were falling over from exhaustion, which is why they are called Sleep dealers. They are working to build up a country they will never see. They work in substandard conditions and are hauled off when they are no longer deemed ‘fit’.

In a world that has been divided by the closing of the border, the one connection the Mexican people have to the outside world is the digital network. This film shines the light on inequalities that exist in our world even today. The US still contracts third world countries to perform labor a lesser rates and with no benefits or healthcare.  This epidemic has gotten increasingly worst and the film, in my opinion, depicts what we can expect if things do not change course.

~ by Kenisha on March 12, 2012.

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